The Surfr. mount!


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The Surfr. Mount!

Specific designed and manufactured for The Surfr. App. Fits every phone with length between 138mm and 167mm. Width between 65MM and 90MM and height between 7MM and 9MM. This is almost any phone from the Iphone SE 2020 till the Galaxy S20 Plus.


Once you close the mount with the 4 clips the mount is totally closed and water tight. The rubber seal keeps the water out.

Shockproof fixation 

The little rubber studs inside the mount will fixate the phone within the mount and also makes sure that big impacts of your board on the water are absorbed as much as possible by the rubbers in order to protect your phone.

3M VHB (GoPro) tape

The mount will be taped to your board with 4 3M pads. These 3M pads are similar to the pads used by GoPro. You’ll also get an extra set of tape as spare once.

Security rope (not on image)

The mount comes with a little security rope which can be attached to the board handle or foot pad.

Additional information

Weight 0.255 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 3 cm