The Surfr Board Mount v2.1


Track your session, play multiplayer games with friends or get on-board coaching right from the board. This is the most advanced, accurate and fun way to get yourself to the next level.We recommend using a spare / old phone. Don’t have one available? Check out the Board Mount Bundle where we included a phone for you. The Bundle is all you need to get started WITHOUT using your own phone.

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The Surfr. Mount!
Is this the best innovation in kiteboarding yet? Or the craziest one? You tell us! But for sure, a whole new level of fun and progression gets unlocked with the all-new Surfr Board mount.

As a digital kiteboarder you will now open a wide array of new possibilities. Not only can you track your session in high accuracy, but you:

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Does my phone fit?
Specifically designed and manufactured for the Surf app. Fits every phone with length between 125mm and 165mm. Width between 58MM – 80MM and height between 7MM and 10MM. This is almost any phone from the iPhone SE 2020 until the Galaxy S20 Plus. If you have a case around your phone, you might have to remove the case before your session in order for the mount to fit in.

Don’t want to risk it? Check-out the Board mount Bundle that includes a phone perfectly compatible with the Surfr. App

1 Year of Surfr PRO

This product optionally includes one year of Surfr PRO. After one year you can decide to stay subscribed to Surfr PRO (no auto-renewal!) which will give you lots of extra features. But also without Surfr PRO the board mount / phone will keep tracking your session including all the jumps for free.

The new mount has triple waterproofing in the seal to ensure no water enters the mount. Just make sure you keep the mount and seal clean at all times.

Shockproof fixation
We know kiting comes with crashes so we need to keep you and your phone save from impacts. The grip you place your phone acts like a pillow around the phone to protect the phone from impacts.

Attaching the mount to the board
To make sure you don’t lose your mount and phone we use the best tapes on the market. 3M tape, stuff GoPro uses already for years. However, we go a few steps further, the mount comes with a primer and an alcohol wipe to get maximum bonding the mount and your board.
To give you some extra peace of mind; the mount comes with a little security rope which can be attached to the board handle or foot pad.

One mount for every board
A big wish from Surfrs was to make a mount which can be used on different boards. So we did, all you need is some more baseplates to be able to use the same mount on different boards. The baseplates are also available in the webshop. The mount will get delivered including 1 baseplate.

Features on the new mount:

  • All phone sizes fit this mount and are more securely locked in
  • Better waterproofing
  • Clipless design (clips can break)
  • Designed to be durable
  • Mount is detachable, only the baseplate will stay on the board.


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Dimensions 18 × 9 × 4.1 cm