Frequently asked questions

How much TAX and or import duty will apply when shipping to my country if outside the EU?

At this point we don’t know since we have to start shipping to most of the countries. Once we have some feedback from users coming in on this we will add that to this question. Most likely you will have to pay at least the normal Sales TAX (VAT) in your country as well as a small import duties charge.

How much does shipping cost? Why is intercontinental shipping so expensive?

Just add the the mount to your card and calculate shipping from your cart / the check out page. Get free shipping when reaching the threshold. International and especially intercontinental track-and-traced shipping is expensive unfortunately. We don’t make any money on shipping, just calculating 1 on 1 the costs that the cheapest available Carrier calculates us.

Is the mount water proof?

Yes. When closed properly and if the seals are clean water will stay out. The mount is designed to be waterproof. Conditions on the water can very rough though and there is always a small possibility that a mount gets broken, for example on big crash with your board against an object.

Does the mount fit on any board?

It will work on almost any board, but you might have to be a bit creative. Especially board with grab holes or other holes might make it a bit harder to find a flat surface to place the mount. The mount can also be place on one of the tips (next to the left or right foot). We’re also working on the ability to support Portrait positioning of the mount which will give even more options to find a good place for the mount on the board.

Any other questions?

See the FAQ of If you’re question is still not answered please reach out through the contact form on the bottom of