Warranty and risk limitations

Before going into the fine details of warranty and risk limitations we would like to give you some context. The Surfr. app is created out of passion for kite boarding and is mainly maintained by volunteers who are fanatic kite boarders themselves. Thousands of hours of development and testing have gone in to the app as well as into the mount manufacturing and distribution process, just because we love to do this and we are so exited about this product and it’s potential.

That being said, we have to protect ourselves against the small (damage) risks involved when attaching a phone to your board. To summarize: we will provide our customers with first class warranty on the mounts, but we take no liability or responsibility in case of any damage to your phone or board – please note that the chance of damaging your phone is very small. In the next section you will find more details on this.

Standard 2 year warranty

On the Surfr. mount there is a standard 2-year warranty period starting from the moment that the mount was shipped to the address of the customer. Warranty only applies if the product is well maintained meaning that the product is cleaned with fresh water after each session or if you make multiple sessions per day then at the end of the day. This will avoid rust on the 4 clips.

If a product is found to be defective by Surfr. then the only responsibility of Surfr. will be to to repair or replace the defective product. Surfr. will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of the inability to use the mount and/or any consequential damage (to your phone, board or anything else) because of using the mount.

Risk limitations

The use of the Surfr. mount is solely at the risk or the user. Surfr. shall not be responsible for any damage to your phone, board or a lost phone. If instructions are followed it’s nearly impossible to lose a phone, but even if a phone does get lost (for example when the whole board is lost) Surfr. will not be responsible for any damage.

Phone impact damage limitation

Your phone might get damaged when it makes a really big impact on the water. So far no reports have come in of phone’s getting damaged just by the impact of the board on the water, but we can’t rule that out 100%. If you drop your board from 20 meters high and it falls flat, a phone may get damaged. Based on our testing, phones can handle large impacts and we were not able to break a phone just by throwing the board around. The mount also has rubber studs to minimize impact as well. If the phone gets damaged through a big impact / crash / e.t.c. Surfr. can’t be held responsible.

Phone water damage limitation

Due to the fact that the mount is waterproof, there is no longer an extra dry bag delivered with the mount. Although the mount is tested as waterproof, if not used correctly (or in the case of a large impact) water may enter the mount. If you really want to be 100% sure to avoid any contact with water, we recommend the use of a waterproof bag. Put the phone in the bag, and then the bag in the mount. Recommended bags can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=LOKSAK&ref=bl_dp_s_web_20745285011

Also make sure to leave the water as soon as you see any fog in the mount, or if the phone starts reacting to drops (navigating out of the app). If any of the clips have opened because of a heavy impact with another object, also leave the water and take your phone out as soon as possible.

We recommend to used IPX certified phones if you want to fully rule out the water damage risk involved.

If in any case a phone gets damaged by salt and/or water that entered the mount, with or without the usage of a waterproof bag, Surfr. can’t be held responsible.

Warranty Return Policy

Products Purchased at shop.thesurfr.app can be returned after a shipping label and RMA number is received from Surfr. Support. Customers should contact support@thesurfr.app to make a warranty claim. Surfr. may also choose to replace the product without the need to return the malfunction mount first in order to save on shipping costs. In that case Surfr. will ask for proof of destruction of the malfunction mount before a new one will be shipped.