Galaxy Watch 5 44mm + 2 wrist bands + 1 Year Surfr PRO (Android only)

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Get ready to take your kiteboarding sessions to the next level with the unbeatable Galaxy Watch 5 and Surfr App (PRO) combo! Experience the thrill of tracking your performance with unparalleled precision as you conquer the waves. With the Galaxy Watch 5 strapped to your wrist and the Surfr App PRO guiding your way, you’ll have everything you need for an unforgettable adventure on the water.

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Galaxy Watch 5 + the Surfr App (PRO) – the perfect combo for an epic kiteboarding session!

Get everything you need in one device for an amazing kiteboarding experience. No need for extra gadgets or accessories. Just slap on the watch, launch the app, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on the water.

  • Track your performance with precision using the Galaxy Watch 5 and Surfr App PRO. Keep an eye on important stats like height, speed,  jumps, and more. Figure out your strengths, areas to improve, and see your progress over time.
  • We only sell the 44MM Galaxy Watch since it has a better battery than the 40MM. This one can record for 7-8 hours straight on a full battery. If you kite a few hours per day, it will last multiple days. We tested this on the Bluetooth watch.
  • Count on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Surfr App for unmatched accuracy in tracking your kiteboarding sessions. Advanced sensors and smart algorithms ensure you have the most reliable data available.
  • With GPS technology built into the Galaxy Watch 5 and Surfr App, you’ll always know exactly where you are on the water.
  • Get real-time data at a glance with the live display feature. The Galaxy Watch 5 conveniently shows your key metrics right on your wrist, so you can stay connected to your performance without missing a beat.
  • Don’t worry about durability – the Galaxy Watch 5 is built tough and waterproof, ready to handle the demands of kiteboarding. Dive into the waves, face the spray, and conquer the elements knowing your watch can handle it all.

Experience the ultimate kiteboarding adventure with the Galaxy Watch 5 and Surfr App. Elevate your kiteboarding sessions to new heights!

Order now and score an exciting bonus! For a limited time, you’ll get two wristbands designed for extreme sports and a Surf Pro Annual subscription. These stylish and durable wristbands are the perfect match for your active lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your kiteboarding experience with the Galaxy Watch 5 + Surfr App PRO and enjoy the bonus of two extreme sports wristbands.

44MM vs 44MM LTE

The LTE option offers internet connectivity based on an eSim that you can request at your provider (this might come with extra charges from your provider). This will add the following features to your watch experience:

  • Being live. You will show up and be traceable through the Surfr Live section
  • Multiplayer games. This feature will come later in 2023.
  • Other features. We have additional features in mind (undisclosed) that will also require internet connection.

You DON’T need the LTE for the basic functionalities such as full session tracking (jumps, GPS). The disadvantage of the LTE watch is that the battery drains much faster (when using the LTE connectivity). While the 44mm lasts 8-9 hours of kiteboarding, the 44mm lasts a few hours shorter.

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