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You are outside of the EU. This means that we won’t charge you TAX/VAT but your own country may charge you with TAX and/or Import duties. We’ll add all relevant documents for Customs to your shipment. Please note that shipping outside the EU is also more expensive. If you order 10 mounts or more you will get FREE shipping. Prices are listed in EUR but you can pay in your own currency and during checkout you will see the exact amount in your local currency.

Dear Surfr. fan!

Yes, we are open for pre-orders on the new Surfr mount. We are going to keep you informed about the mount as much as possible via the forum in the Surfr app. The production proccess should go smooth because we are doing everything in the Netherlands. We are expecting to start shipping the mounts at the end of July 2021.
Till then just use the app in Wetsuit mode, that will also work fine 🙂

When you order 10 mounts or more, Surfr will take care of the shipping costs.

Kind regards, the Surfr team 17-07-2021

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Showing all 3 results